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About Gender Responsive and Participatory Budgeting (GRPB)

Gender Responsive and Participatory Budgeting (GRPB) is a “whole of government” activity that links communities, agencies and all levels of government together. It bridges the gap between service users and service providers, and rests squarely in the context of good governance and gender equality, and our search for the most effective, efficient, socially just policies and budgeting.


With the tagline “Different People, Different Needs”, GRPB programme helps us recognise the often significant differences in the needs of different people. This importantly includes the differences between the needs of men and women, girls and boys. In addition, there are also different groups of men and women, girls and boys. GRPB takes into holistic consideration the different situations, experiences, needs, contributions and potentials of these different groups. By doing so, it recognises the different services that are needed, and the different ways different people use and being benefited from existing services. It increases our understanding of who needs support, where and how.

The Benefits of GRPB

  • helps achieve good governance
  • includes all stakeholders in budget planning and delivery
  • is responsive to different needs of different people
  • addresses the gender gap
  • allows data to support better and more informed policies
  • strengthens the linkages between economic and social policy outcomes
  • promotes openness and transparency

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